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Our Aircraft fastener specification, featuring chemical composition Jethete M-152

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Chemical compositions and mechanical properties for JETHETE M-152.

Chemical compositions - JETHETE M-152

ElementMin % Max %
Carbon, C0.080.13
Manganese, Mn0.50.9
Silicon, Si-0.35
Sulfur, S-0.025
Phosphorus, P-0.03
Chromium, Cr1112.5
Nitrogen, N0.020.04
Nickel, Ni23
Molybdenum, Mo1.52
Vanadium, V0.250.4
Iron, Fe-*Balance

Mechanical properties - JETHETE M-152

Tensile Strength, min135 ksi
Yield Strength at 0.2% Offset, min110 ksi
Elongation in 4D, min17%
Reduction of Area, min30%
Impact Strength120 J/CM2
Hardness, Brinell326
Hardness, Rockwell C35
Hardness, Knoop354

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