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High-quality special bolting and CNC machined components

Committed to excellence

Qualified to API20E/API20F and PED standards, we pride ourselves on maintaining the highest standards of service.

24-Hour Emergency Manufacturing

Need a component in an emergency? Our team at Wulfrun fastener suppliers are here for you. We can get your components manufactured and dispatched within 24 hours.

35 Years’ Experience

We’ve been doing this for more years than we’d like to admit. Trust our experience; we won’t let you down.

UK-Based Production

UK production from our UK and European approved steel mills. From our headquarters in the heart of England, we’re perfectly positioned to meet your demands.


Reliable Fastener Suppliers

We all know that failure isn’t an option when it comes to your high criticality fasteners.

Your mission critical machinery deserves the highest quality special bolting and CNC machined components on the market. Our customers choose Wulfrun as their fastener suppliers because we give them the peace of mind they require to get their job done.

Browse our specialised products today:

Bespoke and Machined Components

Our expertise allows us to manufacture miscellaneous/bespoke parts to your designs. No matter what you need, be it out of production or obscurely technical, we can make it, either from drawings, or reverse engineered from existing parts.

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Headed Products (Bolts and Screws)

Our wide array of M3 to M120 headed bolts and screws are designed to meet your unique specifications. Quality you can rely on.

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Industry standard or bespoke made bolts for any use - M3 to M200. No matter the industry, no matter the need, we’re here to help.

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M3-M200 studs for any use. Whether you need bespoke fully threaded or double ended studs, we can create both industry standard or bespoke studs for you.

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All kinds of washers bespoke to your needs. Anything from industry standard to special products. M3-M200+

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Why Choose Wulfrun?


In an industry driven by value more than ever before, we provide a premium standard of service and rapid turnaround quality components at the right price.

We work as trusted advisors, manufacturers and distributors – there is no safer choice for fastener suppliers.

  • Fully accredited
  • Transparent, honest service
  • Strong track record
  • Unrivalled 35 years’ experience
  • Rapid delivery times
  • Reverse engineering support

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Wulfrun fastener suppliers why choose to work with us

We don’t just talk the talk…

Here’s some of our stats from December:

50 Different product types produced
18 Material grades used
17 Countries delivered to
Wulfrun Wulfrun in numbers
18 17

Quality Assurance

As a machine components manufacturer, most of our products are used in quality critical applications, it’s imperative that our products are of the highest integrity – failure isn’t an option.

That’s why quality assurance is an integral part of every process in our supply chain; the Wulfrun team continue to invest heavily in the quality of our products (which is why our customers always come back!).

Our Accreditations

Wulfrun's Customers

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