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Who are Wulfrun?

Wulfrun are industrial fasteners manufacturers of the highest quality, also specialising in bolting and CNC machined components. 

It’s no secret that your mission critical machinery must not fail – we’re here to ensure that the specialised fasteners involved never let you down. That’s why we remain qualified to API20E/API20F, PED, BS, DIN, ISO and ANSI standards, providing you with the peace of mind that you’ve chosen the best of the best – the safest and most reliable fasteners available.

Our customers return to us because of our unrivalled 35 years’ experience, because we offer a 24-hour emergency manufacturing service, because we’re here when you need us and because we have the skills and in-house equipment required to produce the non-standard fasteners you require.

We’re always transparent, open and there when you need us; there is no better choice for high integrity fasteners, specialised fastener suppliers and CNC machined components.

Our Services

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The history of Wulfrun


Wulfrun was founded in 1986 with one thing in mind – to meet customer specific fastener requirements to order, no ifs and no buts. 

Whether you’re after a one-off component, small, medium or large batch orders, or anything in between, our team of specialists are always here to advise, manufacture and deliver. 

Whatever the industry, whatever the demands; it was our goal to provide the highest levels of service in ’86, and it’s still our goal today. 

We’re always here to talk if you need, so give our team a shout for bespoke advice and tailored parts.

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Wulfrun's key benefits

Quality Assurance

Nothing leaves the factory without being rigorously tested first. Our clients come back to us because they know our components work, and because our high-quality components help them to sleep easy at night.

Transparency & Communication

We acknowledge that business isn’t always smooth sailing. In our industry, issues can arise. We’ll always be transparent and honest, solving any issues before they become worse and unmanageable.

Unrivalled Experience

We’ve been doing this for over 35 years. Our hand-picked team of industry specialists are all the best in their respective fields, removing any risk from your purchase – you’re in safe hands, guaranteed.

Rapid Turnarounds

Whether you’re suffering through an unplanned breakdown, production stoppage, or just need a component quickly, our 24-hour emergency turnaround service means you’ve always got access to the components you require.

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Headed Products (Bolts and Screws)


Our wide array of M3 to M120 headed bolts and screws are designed to meet your unique specifications. Quality you can rely on.


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Wulfrun fasteners suppliers UK headed products



Industry standard or bespoke made bolts for any use – M3 to M200. No matter the industry, no matter the need, we’re here to help.


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Wulfrun fasteners suppliers UK nut products



M3-M200 studs for any use. Whether you need bespoke fully threaded or double ended studs, we can create both industry standard or bespoke studs for you.


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Wulfrun fasteners suppliers UK stud products



All kinds of washers bespoke to your needs. Anything from industry standard to special products. M3-M200+


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Wulfrun fasteners suppliers UK washer products

Bespoke and Machined Components


Our expertise allows us to manufacture miscellaneous/bespoke parts to your designs. No matter what you need, be it out of production or obscurely technical, we can make it, either from drawings, or reverse engineered from existing parts.


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Wulfrun fasteners suppliers UK bespoke and machined products

Industries we operate in


For over 35 years, our team at Wulfrun have worked in a great variety of industries, providing the highest quality fasteners that money can buy.

While there are a handful of industries that we tend to operate in, if you are in the market for bespoke high-integrity fasteners, special bolting or CNC machined components, give us a shout and we’ll let you know how we can help.

The industries we generally work in are as follows:

  • Oil and Gas
  • Subsea
  • Petrochemical
  • Nuclear
  • MOD
  • Power Generation
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Additional services

All of our products can be enhanced/changed with the following additional services:


Unique threaded forms

Our unique threaded forms include, UN, ACME, BSF and many more; whatever form your require, we can do it. 



Copper, Nickel, Phosphate, Molykote and more, we can plate your components using any substance, boosting versatility across the board.


Heat treatment

We offer various heat treatments, including case hardening, nitriding, quenching and tempering and more; we can treat any material with any method. 



All of our products go through rigorous testing, including highly bespoke chemical analysis, elevated tensile, proof load testing and many more. 

Want to learn more about our additional services? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our specialists today.


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