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Custom-Made Components for 1950’s MOD Specifications

By Patrick Gomes | April 4, 2023
Wulfrun custom components for MOD specifications

When working with old machinery, it can be incredibly hard to find the right components when it comes to repairs. 

Fortunately, our industry-leading reverse engineering process allows the Wulfrun team to quickly recreate and deliver components, no matter how unique (or old!). 

The MOD approached Wulfrun because we align the customer buying process with our selling process to offer the best price without sacrificing the quality of manufacture.

After numerous in-person meetings and signing NDAs, the client had the confidence that Wulfrun could deliver a quality product within their timescale, and that’s exactly what we did!



The MOD approached Wulfrun because they required a range of custom-made components for 1950s MOD specifications written after the war.

Alongside their unique specifications, they needed Wulfrun to use approved plating companies for the finish on the components.

All of this needed to be completed within a limited timescale, meaning that there were tight deadlines that needed to be met, and unique challenges posed to the Wulfrun team.



Wulfrun were able to fabricate a wide range of specific machine components, including:

  • Carbon steel washers, zinc plated and passivate to BS1706 &n3
  • Carbon steel pin, finish to MVEE SPEC 666 Part 4.5. Pre-treat to part 4.1 clause 2, paint to part 2.6 clauses 3 and 4
  • Carbon steel spacer, zinc plated and passivate to def stan 03-20 and paint to def stan 03.32 (NATO green) (8-14 micron) 
  • Carbon steel adaptor, zinc plated to def stan 03-20 
  • Carbon steel pin, shoulder head, phosphate to def stan 03-11 and de-embrittle to def stan 03-4
  • Carbon steel straight headed pin, zinc plated 
  • Carbon steel coupling nut, zinc plated 
  • Carbon steel fork – end, self-colour 
  • Carbon steel rod, self-colour 
  • Commercial stainless steel, headed machine screw, self-colour 
  • Commercial stainless steel, headed drain bolt self-colour 
  • Non-ferrous restrictor, self-colour 
  • Carbon steel clamp, phosphate to def stand 03-11 
  • Carbon steel plate, AMS03_020 REV A 
  • Carbon steel headed adjuster screw, zinc plated as per ASTM B633
  • Carbon steel hex head screw washer faced – roller threads, electroplated coating to ISO 4042/Zn8/Cn 
  • Carbon steel hex head screw washer faced – roller threads, mechanical zinc plated to ASTM 8695 class 8 and heavyweight trivalent clear (iridescent) passivation
  • Carbon steel hex head bolts (spec 1 screw cut), self-colour 

These were produced in the necessary materials, with a range of bespoke finishes to increase strength and versatility.

We also sourced the approved types of plating for the client’s specifications, including phosphate and zinc, as well as plating from approved companies such as zinc and passivate approved by BS standards, electroplate approved by ISO standards and more.



Despite the unique specifications and manufacturing processes required, our rapid turnaround capabilities enabled us to fabricate the components within the timescale the MOD required.

Wulfrun were able to deliver 100% quality with 98% on-time delivery.

“We chose to work with Wulfrun because of their credentials, and they delivered the required components on time and to specification. Exactly what we needed.”

Have you got unique component requirements, but aren’t sure where to source replacements? No matter the component, the experienced Wulfrun team can either work from designs, or reverse engineer from existing parts. 

We love a challenge. Get in touch today to discuss your needs.

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