Industrial Fastener Manufacturer and Supplier for Texas-Based Industries

Delivering high-integrity, bespoke fastener solutions for Texas organisations

Providing bespoke fasteners to Texas industry

We understand that flaws or lapses in quality can cause significant disruptions to your operation, jeopardising the safety of your workers. We deliver high-quality, bespoke solutions worldwide, trusted by multiple high-stakes sectors, including: 

  • Oil and gas 
  • Subsea 
  • Petrochemical 
  • Nuclear 
  • MOD 
  • Power Generation 

Through material selection and rigorous testing, our comprehensive solutions are crafted to prevent catastrophic failures, costly repercussions and delays in critical applications. Our stellar reputation has helped us become the first choice for Texas organisations where reliability, performance, and safety are non-negotiable.


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Products and Specialties

High-criticality machinery requires specialised solutions, especially in the oil and gas sector.

At Wulfrun, we specialise in manufacturing a comprehensive range of fasteners and machined components in every available material grade and size, meeting the standards of Texas-based industries. 

From premium materials to specialised treatments, we deliver durable, high-integrity solutions essential to the success of your operation. Our diverse range of premium quality products include: 

  • Headed bolts, screws and plugs 
  • Nuts 
  • Studs 
  • Washers
  • Bespoke and machined components
Wulfrun industrial fasteners suppliers and quality assurance

Why Choose Wulfrun?


Machinery failure isn’t an option in high-stakes industries like oil and gas. Providing the highest-quality fasteners on the market, we’re here to ensure that your machinery runs smoothly, giving you confidence and peace of mind.

Quality Assurance

We understand that having the highest quality components is just as important to you as it is to us. Through rigorous quality assurance protocols, we ensure that our components consistently meet stringent standards, including API20E and Norsok, to prevent failure in demanding environments. No component leaves our factory without meeting the most stringent standards.

Timely Delivery

In Texas, time is money, and financial losses for companies due to downtime and fluctuating oil prices can be costly. Our emergency replacement service ensures rapid delivery of your products so that you are up and running again as soon as possible.

Customer Support

We understand the importance of clear communication and consistent support, which is why, from design to delivery, our dedicated team is on hand to address any enquiries or issues you may have.


At Wulfrun, we prioritise reliability, performance, and safety. That’s why we remain qualified to API 20E BSL1/2/3, API 20F BSL2/3, ASTM, ANSI, BS, ISO, UNI, AFNOR, and DIN standards, to ensure that every component we manufacture is of the highest quality.

Our strict regulatory compliance ensures that our products perform flawlessly, even in the most demanding applications.

Our Accreditations

Extensive Industry Experience

With over 35 years of experience, we have partnered with businesses of all sizes and sectors across the US and the globe. We understand the unique challenges of high-stakes industries and have honed our craft to deliver unrivalled fastener solutions.

Wulfrun industrial fasteners suppliers for oil and gas sector

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